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ERIC Database - Search tips: Finding the full text

Not finding what you want in ERIC? Try these tips for more success.

#4 Tip


Locate the full text of items by following the links provided.

ERIC Lingo


Here are examples of ways you can get to the full text of ERIC journals and documents. For journal articles, you may see links to 'HTML full text', 'PDF full text' or just 'linked full text'.

Click on one of the choices as highlighted in the red circles.

Journal article examples



Document example


If you don't see this link, and the item is a document (has an ED number); it might be a citation for a book (search CLICnet for those), a dissertation (search the Dissertations and Theses database for full text of those), or it might be unavailable because of age (check with a librarian for help with those).

The "Get It" buttons

When an item is not directly available through ERIC, you will see a "Get It" button in place of a link to the full text.  Click on it, and if UST has the journal in another database (or in one of our library collections), you will be taken to the article, or to a screen that provides information about that journal.


On occasion, the "Get it" doesn't find the full text, and you will get a screen like this example instead. This is telling you that UST does not have access to this specific issue of the journal.  If you believe this is an important article for your project, click on the link to ILLIAD to request the article from another library.

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