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ASA/ASR Citation Style Guide: Citing Internet Resources

This is a guide on how to use the American Sociological Association citation style. It provides examples of basic formats for sources using ASA/ASR Style.

Internet Resources

Web Sites:

   Include all information that is available on the Web page. 


Author(s). Year of publication. "Web site title or title of
        section retrieved."  Place of publication: Publisher.  
        Retrieved on Date (web site address). 


Purdue University Online Writing Lab. 2012. "Formatting in 
         Sociology (ASA Style)."  West Lafayette, IN: Purdue
         University. Retrieved May 2, 2012

Email Messages

When referring to emails in your manuscript, you should provide the full citation in a footnote or endnote (See page 59 in the ASA Style Guide for specific information about when and how to use footnotes and endnotes. For specific information on citing email references, see page 80.)

In Text example:
 mentioned in an email to the author by Karraker...

Footnote/Endnote example:

          ² Karraker, Meg Wilkes, e-mail message to author,
      May 10, 2012.

Blog Posts


      Author(s). Date. "Title of Blog entry." Blog publisher. 
               Blog Title. Retrieved date. (url).


      Gjelten, Dan and Linda Hulbert. 2012. "Electronic books 
               in the academic library--a complicated and dynamic 
               phenomenon." University of St. Thomas Libraries. 
               UST Libraries Blog. Retrieved March 16, 2012. 

YouTube Videos


      Author(s). Date. "Title." You-Tube Web site. Retrieved 
            date (url).


      University of St. Thomas. 2010. "Location Location 
            Location/University of St. Thomas." You-Tube Web site. 
            Retrieved December 14, 2011