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Classification #s for Geology Books

Geology books are split across two main sections of the library by call number.  Most of the geology books are in the QEs (4th floor of OSF Library), however, geomorphology, hydrology, and natural disasters and oceanography are in the Gs (2nd floor of OSF library).  Think of it as a chance to get your steps in! 

2nd floor of OSF Library

  • GB 400-649 Geomorphology
  • GB 651-2998 Hydrology
  • GB 5000-5030 Natural disasters
  • GC 1-1581 Oceanography

4th floor of OSF Library

  • QE 1-350 General
  • QE 351-399 Mineralogy
  • QE 420-499 Petrology
  • QE 521-545 Volcanoes & Earthquakes
  • QE 601-613 Structural Geology
  • QE 640-699 Stratigraphy
  • QE 701-760 Paleontology
  • QE 761-899 Paleozoology
  • QE 901-996 Paleobotany