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+Geology Resources: Searching for sources: Peer reviewed articles

Finding Articles

Geology Databases

Review Articles

Review articles are indexed in the databases listed above, but we also have a subscription to a journal package called "Annual Reviews".  These are scholarly, peer-reviewed journals that only publish review articles.

Citation Database

The Scopus database covers scholarly research in all disciplines and it allows you to do citation searching to see who has cited an article.  This can be very helpful in finding more recent research on a topic. It can also help you identify articles that have been cited many times (and thus, are likely to be influential articles).

Related and Interdisciplinary Databases

Sometimes your topic may require finding articles in related fields.  These are some good databases to start with.


Our library's main search tool is called LibrarySearch.  It searches across our databases and can be used to find books, articles, dvds, and more.  Because it searches across multiple databases, it can be hard to narrow the results sometimes.  However, it is a great place to search if your topic is interdisciplinary (which geology topics often are).

Once you get your search results, click "Peer-Reviewed Articles" to narrow your results to only articles.