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ENTR 340: Social Entrepreneurship: Industry Reports and Company Information

This course is designed as an introduction to the entrepreneurial mindset, and to the creative problem solving tools and critical thinking skills necessary to successfully pursue innovation and entrepreneurial success.

Industry Reports - High Level Information

Industry reports contain valuable analysis of an industry's operating conditions, driving forces, competitive landscapes, and more. Use these resources to help you identify and define an industry, locate industry surveys and reports, search for industry trends, identify leading companies, find market share data and rankings, get current and in-depth news about an industry, and much more. Supplement these reports with information found in newspapers and trade publications.


Company Information - Who is already out there?

To find profiles and other information about a company, such as its history, product lines, customer base, key suppliers, management team, strategy, and competitors, use the following resources. Keep in mind that for public companies, additional information can be found in the company's 10-K, the annual report all U.S. public companies have to file with the SEC.