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Catholic Social Teaching: Areas of Interest

How Catholics view Social Justics Issues

Social Justice issues

Catholics in the U.S. have recently been active and effective advocates for right to life issues (abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, etc.).  Consider how you might explore the following issues which are usually treated in the popular press from political, economic, and/or purely "secular" perspectives, from the Catholic social justice perspective:


When searching for books and articles you would add keywords like these to the issues in the table below.

1 = Research
2 = Activism and Lobbying
3 = Public Education
4 = Development Work, Intervention, and Relief Services


  Poverty Access to Health Care
Fair wages/ Living wage Disarmament/ Promotion of Peace
Labor rights Domestic violence/ violence against women and children
Immigration Global Warming
Third World Debt Relief Deforestation
Fair Trade Species Extinction
Globalization/ "Economic Imperialism" Water scarcity
Human Trafficking Depletion or Privatization of Natural Resources
Agriculture/ Farming Food/ Food Security
Local or Family Owned Farms Ethics of eating
Promoting equitable economic development Supporting education for global awareness
Promoting human rights Promoting environmental protection
Reducing state-sponsored oppression Grassroots participation in political processes
Arms Control, Disarmament, Military Policy Protecting civil liberties in the United States
Environment Civil and Constitutional Rights
Domestic Social and Economic Justice Education
Faith/Religion Conflict Resolution
International or Regional Affairs, general Media and Journalism
Media and Journalism Third World Economic Development and Human Rights
Abortion Firearms
Race Relations Racial Profiling
Youth Gangs