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POLS 104: Government and Politics: Nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations

This guide introduces you to the Political Science resources available from the University of St. Thomas Libraries, with particular attention to resources supporting scholarship related to the political systems of the United States,.See also the Political

Evaluating web sites

Who is responsible for the content?  Always check out "About Us."


Are biases clearly stated? Nonpartisan = neutral, free from party affiliation and bias.  Consider doing a search on the organization to see what others say about it.  Nonprofit does not necessarily mean nonpartisan!


Is there a hidden agenda?


​Is it really research?  or commentary? Is it reporting? or editorial? Are there sources/evidence for claims made?


What kind of domain is it?

  • .edu=educational institution
  • .com=commercial/business
  • .org=non-profit organization
  • .gov=governmental agencies

Government sources

Nonprofits and Nongovernmental organizations