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COJO 234: Principles of Strategic Communication: Ad Media & Rates

Course guide for COJO 234 (Principles of Strategic Communication.)

Article Databases

Trade and business magazines are good sources of current news and information about advertising campaigns and media spending. Scholarly articles provide research and analysis. Use these article databases to find articles.

Advertising Costs

Note: advertising rates for broadcast media are often difficult to find. The amount a company would actually pay to advertise on a station or network is based on many factors. If you need to estimate ad rates, check the "Calculating Ad Rates" box on the right, and discuss your strategy with your professor.

Standard Rate & Data Service Guides

Calculating Ad Rates

While it's relatively easy to calculate ad rates for magazines and newspapers, it's harder for television, cable, and radio. This guide from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill can help you with this.

Advertising Expenditures

AdSpender User Guides & Tutorials