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Web Content: Featured Guides

How to feature a guide

To feature a guide, you must first add the subject "Featured." It may take up to an hour before the guide will show up in the featured area.

Note that the featured area lists the most recently updated guide first. So if you make any changes your guide will be moved back to the front of the list.

After you are done featuring your guide you should remove it from the "Featured" subject.

Adding an image

Why add an image?

  • Set your guide apart from the other featured guides! (otherwise, the default picture of the arches is used)
  • The image will also be used anytime the guide is shared via social media!

First, create and upload an image

  • Images must be a 16:9 aspect ratio, and should not include text
  • 300px wide by 169px high is recommended

You can utilize the file uploader in LibGuides to upload and store your image. You will need to copy the image URL as you will need that for the next step.

Digital Services and/or External Communications can assist in creating an image and uploading it to a media server if you are unable to upload it to LibGuides on your own.

Second, add the image to the guide's metadata

After the image is uploaded the following metadata needs to be added with the URL. Name: og:image Value: https://url to image

To update metadata:

  1. Go to the cog in the edit view, then "Guide Metadata."
  2. Go to the "Custom Metadata" tab
  3. Click on "Empty" next to "Add Record" if og:image is not already there.
  4. When you add og:image you will need to click on the blue check box to save. Then click on the "Value" field and paste in the URL for the image. Finally check the box for "Public"

That's it! You may need to wait up to 60 minutes before your changes will take effect.

Screenshot showing the Metadata tab and entry fields for the og image meta tag values

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