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Qualitative Data Analysis Software/NVivo

QDA Software: Intro

Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) is more easily performed with the aid of software. There are a few options to choose from. The University of Saint Thomas Libraries currently support NVivo, but you can also explore Taguette, Dedoose, or any other QDA software that meets your needs

NVivo supports qualitative and mixed methods analysis of textual and audiovisual data sources. You can use it to:

  • Organize and code multiple data sources into one main file.
  • Assign attributes to data and contrast them.
  • Interpret, query, and visualize data.

The University of Saint Thomas Libraries has ten NVivo licenses on labeled computers that you can access for free (seven are in the Keffer Library in downtown Minneapolis, and three are in the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library in St. Paul. Remember, DO NOT save any projects or documents on the library computers as storage is temporary. Instead, save your files to your UST-provided OneDrive. 

QDA Software

Compare Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) software programs to see which works best for your project needs: 

  NVivo ATLAS.ti Dedoose MAXQDA Taguette
Company QSR International ATLAS.ti Dedoose MAXQDA Open Source
Academic Pricing $700 PC | $600 Mac $750 $14.95/active month $520 Free
Student Pricing $99 PC | $85 Mac for 12-months $99 for 24-months | $51 for 6-months $10.95/active month $95 for 24-months | $47 for 1 semester Free
Trial Info 14 days No expiration date, but limited size of project. Click for details 1st month free 14 days Step by Step "Getting Started" instructions
Notes UST has 10 on-campus licensed computers   Web-based   Web-based

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