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Qualitative Data Analysis Software/NVivo

NVivo: Mac and PC

There are substantial differences between the Mac version of NVivo and the PC version of NVivo. The University of Saint Thomas offers both versions of the program. 

See this page for a discussion about the differences between the Mac and Windows versions.

NVivo Topic Outline & Links: Nvivo 12

Introduction to NVivo Qualitative Research Software

Here are official NVivo training & documentation videos from QSR Software's YouTube channels.

The Design Framework and Creating a Project in NVivo

This is a useful tool for planning your project. NVivo's sample project, "Environmental Change Down East," used this Design Framework:
Design framework diagram

As you can see, the components of the research design are:

  • the types of data in the study (e.g. interviews, literature and news articles);
  • what ‘units’ of observation will be compared – sometimes the individual respondents and sometimes the different communities in the area; the variables that relate to the units they are comparing (in this case, total population, average tax value and other values for each community or Place, and gender, age group and other demographic characteristics for the individual respondents, People).
  • the time frame of the study. This is not a longitudinal study – that is, there will be no comparison of data over different time periods.
  • the thematic framework. There are some broad topic areas for coding that are known in advance (community, natural environment, real estate development) and others that will emerge through reading and interpreting the text. 

Performing Analysis in NVivo

Exploring Your Data in NVivo

Other NVivo Documentation

  • You can also view NVivo's help resources via a section of the software's project creation screen:
    NVIVO Help