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The Professor Podcast in the Library with a Microphone: Dr. Manjeet Rege

The Professor Podcast is a podcast of your professors, their research, and their academic lives here at St. Thomas


Manjeet Rege: Artificial Intelligence


This week Mae Macfarlane interviews Dr. Manjeet Rege from the Department of Software Engineering and Data Science about Artificial Intelligence, what it takes to be an AI practitioner, and the future of AI in the workplace.  In addition to exploring the practical implications of AI, Dr. Rege will discuss the challenges and responsibilities that come with developing and deploying AI and other emerging technologies.  

Articles by Dr. Manjeet Rege available from the UST Libraries


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Quynh Le, T. T., & Rege, M. (2021). Effectiveness feature for micro-expression recognition. 2021 IEEE 22nd International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration for Data Science (IRI), 1–375.

Updates on Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT


Since we recorded this interview, Chat GPT has exploded into the mainstream and now other established tech companies such as Facebook and Google are getting in on the action.  What follows below is only a small percentage of what is being written about these new technologies, and their implications for universities and workplaces.

Chat GPT through an Education Lens
A collection of articles, videos, and podcasts that focus on these tools in academia.  

What is Generative AI?  Visually explained by Generative AI
Published by humans (I think), this is a brilliant primer with great visualizations that explains these platforms.

AI Images: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
John Oliver discusses the new trend of AI-generated images based on text prompts, and, of course, what it all has to do with cabbage.

Introducing total crap, the first magazine written entirely by AI
Published by McSweeny's, this article goes to show that the humanities are also not safe from encroaching technologies.