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The Professor Podcast in the Library with a Microphone: Dr. Amelia Mcnamara

The Professor Podcast is a podcast of your professors, their research, and their academic lives here at St. Thomas


Amelia Macnamara: Statistics

This week Mae Macfarlane interviews Dr. Amelia Mcnamara, Associate professor from the Department of Computer Science.  They discuss her philosophy about making statistical analysis clearer, and more understandable to the public.  She also conducts research about using statistical software languages like R and Quorum to be more accessible to blind users and non-English speakers.  And she promotes the ethical use of statistical data and provides examples of data manipulations in the media that have real world consequences. 

Articles by Dr. Amelia Mcnamara available from the UST Libraries

McNamara, A. A. (2019). Community engagement and subgroup meta-knowledge: Some factors in the soul of a community. Computational Statistics, 34(4), 1511-1535. doi: 

Amelia McNamara (2019) Key Attributes of a Modern Statistical Computing Tool, The American Statistician, 73:4, 375-384, DOI: 10.1080/00031305.2018.1482784

Amelia McNamara & Nicholas J. Horton (2018) Wrangling Categorical Data in R, The American Statistician, 72:1, 97-104, DOI: 10.1080/00031305.2017.1356375

McNamara, A. (2014). Dynamic Documents with R and knitr. Journal of Statistical Software, Book Reviews, 56(2), 1–4.