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The Professor Podcast in the Library with a Microphone Season 2: Professor Susan Marsnik

Articles by Professor Susan Marsnik from the UST Libraries

Marsnik, S., Thompson, D., & Supina, S. (2022). Oh Naturelle! Health & Beauty: An Integrated Law, Ethics, and Strategy Case for the First Day of Class. The Journal of Legal Studies Education, 39(1), 39–73.

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Marsnik, S. J., & Thomas, R. E. (2011). Drawing a line in the patent subject matter sands: Does Europe provide a solution to the software and business method patent problem?  Boston College International and Comparative Law Review, (34)(2), pp. 227-327.

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George, B. C., Lynch, P., & Marsnik, S. J. (2001). U.S. Multinational employers: Navigating through the restrictions of the EU data privacy directive with the 'safe harbor' principles.  American Business Law Journal, (38), pp. 735-783.

Sharon Thach, Susan J. Marsnik, & Vaidotas Lukošius. (2005). External Environment, Trust and East-West Trade. Ekonomika - Vilniaus Universitetas, 69.