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The Professor Podcast in the Library with a Microphone Season 2: Dr. Heidi Giebel

Publications by Dr. Heidi Giebel at the UST Libraries

Bock, T., Giebel, H., Hazelbaker, T., & Tufte, L. (2021). Integrating Thomistic virtue ethics with an Eriksonian identity perspective: A new moral identity assessment. Journal of Moral Education, 50(2), 185–201.

“Extend Your Benevolence: Kindness and Generosity in the Family and Beyond,” in Michael W. Austin, ed., Virtues in Action: New Essays in Applied Virtue Ethics (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

Geibel, H. M. (2021). Ethical Excellence Philosophers, Psychologists, and Real-Life Exemplars Show Us How to Achieve It (1st ed.). The Catholic University of America Press.