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OPMT 320: Decision Analysis: Getting Started

A guide to data sources for analytical projects in OPMT 320: Decision Analysis


StatisticsUse this guide to find some resources for finding and using statistical datasets for OPMT 320.

Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your data quest. We can connect in person, via telephone, email, or Zoom online meeting.

Sample Datasets

The resources here constitute test, sample, or practice data, or representative samples of live datasets that may be used in teaching and learning statistical analysis techniques. I recommend using these when the actual topic or question of your research is secondary to learning the techniques--if that is not the case, and the substance of the data matters, see our Datasets & Statistics guide or contact our Data Services Librarian. 

Company & Industry Data


Academic Services Librarian

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Jim Kelly
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More Statistical Resources

See our Statistical Resources Guide for many more data sources.