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This guide is not a comprehensive list of resources, but is intended to help you get started on the topic. Please see a Research Librarian for more in-depth assistance.

"Negotiations is an integral part of the lives of many professionals, especially lawyers. In fact, negotiation is often described as a lawyer's principal occupation. Lawyers use negotiation to create legal relationships for their clients, such as partnerships, corporations, franchises and joint ventures. They use negotiation to effect transactions for their clients, including real estate deals, commercial sales, corporate mergers and employment agreements. They also use negotiations to resolve legal disputes for their clients- with or without resort to litigation.....Even when a legal dispute results in litigation, a settlement is negotiated prior to trial in a high percentage of cases in both state and federal courts. For example, of the total civil cases filed in federal district courts (excluding land condemnation cases) in recent years, only about 5% reached trial. The remaining 95% were terminated without trial- in most instances, by negotiated settlement agreements" From Larry L. Teply, Legal Negotiation 1 (2005).