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COVID-19: reliable sources for information on the Novel Coronavirus: COVID-19 Information Sources

What is COVID-19?

covid-19 image from CDCCOVID-19 is the shortened name for the novel coronavirus disease that first appeared in late 2019.  The disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  In this guide, we mostly refer to "COVID-19", but you may also see references to "coronavirus", they are used interchangeably here.

The news around COVID-19 is changing rapidly and we are seeing a lot of misinformation being shared.  This guide aims to point you to reliable sources of news and health information on COVID-19.

[image description: illustration of the ultrastructural morphology of coronaviruses.  Created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.]

Best starting places for information

These are the best websites to start with when looking for information on COVID-19.  Choose which one you go to based on what level of information you're looking for.

Research on COVID-19

Many health and scientific publishers are offering free access to articles and research around COVID-19.  Typically, access to these articles is available only to subscribers, but with the need for quick access to information, publishers are making the information freely available.  These are targeted at researchers and clinicians.

Books on COVID-19

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Information for travelers

Keeping up with the news

Health and Medical News

‚ÄčCoronavirus and Higher Education

Business and the Economy

COVID-19 and Racism

What is Coronavirus Racism?

Coronavirus racism is anti-Chinese and anti-Asian scapegoating and xenophobic reactions, including fear, exclusion, microaggressions, and other racist behaviors related to this public health epidemic.

  • This also includes inappropriate "jokes," innuendos, suggestions that any/all Chinese and members of other Asian communities are responsible for or suspected of having this illness and should be avoided.

As President Sullivan reminded us in her March 19, 2020 update,

Please remember – no matter how far social distancing guidelines tell us we should stand apart; we are a community that must stand together. . . WE MUST NEVER allow our fears to cause us to assign blame to any person or group of people based on their skin color, ethnicity or home country. This behavior stands against everything we want for the future of St. Thomas – and our world - and can never be tolerated. I urge all of you to lean on each other for support and continue to show compassion for all.

Stop the Spread of Racism

A 2-minute video in response to the coronavirus stigma, a partnership project by the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice and The Hive.

More readings on Coronavirus racism

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