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Field Work: Evidence-Based Social Work: Critical Evaluation Tools

Adapted from a guide by Stacy Collins at Simmons University. Thank you, Ms. Collins, for permission to use your guide

What's On This Page?

On this page you'll find tools to help you critically evaluate the articles you find.  While you're the only one who can determine if an article is relevant to your research question, these scales, checklists, and review tools can help you decided if the research is internally valid, the results interpretable, and how applicable the results are to your work. 

Pyramid of Evidence

EMB Pyramid from FSU College of Medicine Library

  Acronyms:  SRs =  Systematic Reviews    RCTs = Randomized Controlled Trials

 EBM Tools 

Qualitative Studies

"Research that seeks to provide understanding of human experience, perceptions, motivations, intentions, and behaviours based on description and observation and utilizing a naturalistic interpretative approach to a subject and its contextual setting."

Consider using one of the following when examining qualitative research:

Finding and Appraising the Evidence

If you'd like a step-by-step refresher on how to find and appraise the evidence found in randomized control trials and systematic reviews, this series of tutorials from Health Knowledge will walk you through each step of the process.  (Note: you will need headphones if you're in a public space.)