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Writing and Finding Dissertations and Theses: USTRO Graduate Coordinators

Includes and information about how to find dissertations and theses, as well as the writing and research process for your end-of-program major writing projects, including dissertations, theses, Social Work research projects, and more.

Contact your Departmental Graduate Coordinator

Adding Works to the UST Research Online repository

Instructions for the Graduate Coordinators

  1. Working with the department, make sure that you have an agreed upon series
    For example: Graduate student work will be determined by the name of the degree
  2. The library will set up the series with Digital Commons  and identify the administrator(s).
  3. Administrator (graduate coordinator) creates an account for him/herself by logging in to My Account. 
    UST RO account
  4. Print off a copy of the clickthrough license found at the Policies page for the libraries.
  5. Have each student sign as they submit their documents. 
  6. Gather content  from the submitters.
  7. Log into UST Research Online (USTRO) using your UST Username and password
  8. Go to your account (MyAccount) and log in.  You will see: 
  9. Choose the series you want to upload to by using the dropdown menu.
  10. Fill out the Upload form following the instructions on the form. There is also a help document with the upload form to enable you to answer some of the harder questions.
  11. Find the document on your drive, CD, jump or flash drive, etc.
  12. Upload the document and press submit.
  13. After completing all of the documents you are doing that day or time period, go into the series into which you’ve just uploaded
  14. Choose Manage Submissions.
  15. Find the word ‘Post’ and select it.
  16. Wait for a while (sometimes overnight), but usually it’s there quickly.
  17. If it isn’t all right and you want to fix the metadata, correct your errors and press Update Submission.