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Writing and Finding Dissertations and Theses: Finding Dissertations & Theses

Includes and information about how to find dissertations and theses, as well as the writing and research process for your end-of-program major writing projects, including dissertations, theses, Social Work research projects, and more.

Dissertations at UST

International Dissertations

Canadian Theses/Dissertations 

Some Canadian theses are available online through the Theses Canada Portal. Most others are only available on microfiche via interlibrary loan from the Library and Archives of Canada .

British Theses/Dissertations

Some British theses are available online through EThOS (The Electronic Theses Online Service). You can search for free and, if PDFs are available, download them for free. However, to download a thesis, you must be a registered user. You may also ask to have theses digitized if they haven't been already; however, there may be a charge for this.

Options for Obtaining Dissertations and Theses

If you need help identifying useful theses/dissertations, please contact a reference librarian. If you've already located a citation for a thesis/dissertation, you may be able to download a free PDF of the full text. If it is not available as a PDF, you may be able to borrow or purchase a print or microfilm copy (see tables below). Some theses are impossible to get via any of these methods.

STEP ONE: Download a PDF of the Thesis/Dissertation 

OptionsCost to youDeliveryFormatNotes
Via the Dissertations & Theses database or other resources listed on this page None


Downloadable PDF  Please DO NOT also request it via interlibrary loan. The UST Libraries pay a subscription fee to make this resource available to you.

IF NOT AVAILABLE AS A PDF DOWNLOAD: Borrow a Thesis/Dissertation via Interlibrary Loan 

OptionCost  to youDeliveryFormatNotes

Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)      


2-4 weeks

Pick up at the library.


Must be returned to the library.

Requests are not always successful because many institutions do not lend their theses/dissertations. Loans come in paper format whenever possible, but many are only available for in microfiche or film.

IF THE ABOVE TWO OPTIONS DO NOT WORK: Purchase a copy of the Thesis/Dissertation  

OptionsCost to youDeliveryFormatNotes
Via the Dissertations & Theses database  $44 - $75 depending on format

Up to 3 weeks depending on format selected

Mailed via priority rate to your address


Not all theses are available for purchase.

Order online with your credit card, or print and mail/fax order form to UMI with payment.

Dissertations from Other Institutions