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GBEC 700: Economics of Strategy: Company Overviews

This guide provides links to business and economic articles along with company and industry reports which will help students analyze the strategic positions of firms within an industry

Why Use This Page?

This page includes resources for researching a company. You can use these resources to:

  • Find a company profile or directory information
  • Study company financial data and SEC filings
  • Identify key competitors
  • Search for articles and business news
  • Look for analyst reports on companies 

Choose a tab from the toolbar to find resources on that topic.

Public companies & private companies: what's the difference?

Public companies have shares of stock or other registered securities that are bought and sold by the public on one of the stock exchanges. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires publicly traded companies to file extensive information with them, which is available online.

Private companies are not traded on any stock exhange. Generally, they do not have to file any documents with the SEC, so it can be more challenging to find information on them.

Company Profiles & Directories