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PSYC 315--Cognition: Finding Articles

This guide is a resource for students taking PSYC 315. It will lead you to databases with helpful journal articles, books, websites, and other resources.

Cognition Databases

Other Related Databases

Newspaper and Magazine Databases

Occasionally a research study will be reported on in the news media.  The research based on these reports is available in other databases, but the news media will give a "dumbed down" version for the general public.  Often, they do not identify the researcher, or the source of the research.

Below are some newspaper and magazine databases.  You can find these news reports in these resources.  The magazine indexes below (Academice Search Premier and Expanded Academic ASAP) will also include SOME research articles. However, in order to find most research papers, you will need to search by topic in the research databases listed above, particularly PsycINFO.  If you're lucky, they will identify the author, or the institution where the the research took place, and you can also use them to search.

Search Journal Titles

Find journals and newspapers subscribed to by St. Thomas. Enter all or the beginning of the title (e.g., New York Times or Harvard).

LibrarySearch - Audio search


Click the GET IT button in any database to get the full text of an article.  If UST Libraries doesn't own it, you'll be given an option to request it from another library

More information

Search Google Scholar

Scholar Home  

Use GET IT @UST Libraries to get the full-text if not available in Google Scholar.