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The Bluebook: A Systematic Approach: Mini-Index to The Bluebook



Rule or Table

Abbreviations, case names

Rules 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.2

Abbreviations, codes, statutory

Rule 12.3.1

 Abbreviations, court of decision

Rule 10.4, Table 7

Abbreviations, geographic

Table 10

Abbreviations in case names

Table 1

Abbreviations, months

Table 12

Abbreviations, reporters

Rule 10.3.2, Table 1

Abbreviations, statutes

Rule 12.3.1


Rule 8

Case names

Rule 10.2


Rule 10

Cases, history

Rule 10.7

Cases on Lexis and Westlaw

Rule 18.3.1

Code of Federal Regulations

Rule 14.2

Codes, statutory

Rule 12


Rule B6, Rule 11

Electronic databases, generally

Rule 18

Electronic databases, cases

Rule B4.1.4, Rule 10.8.1, Rule 18.3.1

Electronic databases, codes

Rule 12.1 (sample in table), Rule 12.5, Rule 18.3.2

Electronic databases, statutes

Rule 12.1 (sample in table), Rule 12.5, Rule 18.3.2

Explanatory parentheticals, cases

Rule B4.1.5, Rule 10.6

Explanatory parentheticals, generally

Rule 1.5

Explanatory parentheticals, statutes

Rule 12.8

Federal Register

Rule 14.1 (sample in table), Rule 14.1(b)

Initials, closing up of

Rule 16.1(a)

Initials, commonly abbreviated names

Rule 16.1(b)

Initials, punctuation of

Rule 16.1(b)

Internet sources, basic citation principles

Rule 18.2.1

Internet sources, cases

Rule 10.8.1, Rule 18.2.3, Rule 18.3.1

Internet sources, code

Rule 12.1 (sample in table), Rule 12.5, Rule 18.3.2

Internet sources, generally

Rule 18

Internet sources, statutes

Rule 12.1 (sample in table), Rule 12.5, Rule 18.3.2


B1 Introduction

Jump cites

Rule B 4.1.2, Rule 3.2, Rule 3.3

Large and small capitals

You will never, ever use these.1

Lexis and Westlaw, cases

Rule 18.3.1

Lexis and Westlaw, statutes

Rule 12.1 (sample in table)

Minnesota, citation rules and style guides

Table BT2

Minnesota, sources of law

Table 1

Months, abbreviation of

Table 12

Newspapers, generally

Rule 16.6

Newspapers,  electronic databases

Rule 16.6(e)

Newspapers, internet and online

Rule 16.6(f)

Numbers, generally

Rule 6.2

Numbers, ordinal

Rule 6.2(b)

Parallel citations, cases

Rule 10.3.1, Rule 10.3.2, Rule 10.3.3


Rule 5


Rule B5.1.4, Rule 14.2

Reporters of cases, abbreviations

Rule 10.3.2

Reporters of cases, American

Table 1

Reporters of cases, federal

Table 1

Reporters of cases, state

Rule B4.1.2, Rule 10.3.2

Rules, administrative

Rule B5.1.4, Rule 14.2

Signals (See, See Also, etc.)

Rule 1.2, Rule 1.3, Rule 1.4


Rule 12

Typeface, case names

Rule B1

Typeface, generally

Rule B1

Typeface, italics represented by underscoring

Rule B1 Introduction

Typeface, large and small capitals

You will never, ever use these.1

United States, courts of appeals

Rule 10.4, Table 1

United States, district courts

Rule 10.4, Table 1

United States, statutory compilations

Rule 12.3, Table 1

United States Supreme Court

Rule 10, Table 1

Volume Number, case reports

Rule 10.3.2

Volume Number, generally

Rule 3.1(a)

Westlaw and Lexis, cases

Rule 18.3.1

Westlaw and Lexis, statutes

Rule 12.1 (sample in table)

Years, codes

Rule 12.3.2

1Until you make law journal.  See in this guide, GENERAL HINTS, Solving the Typeface Problem.