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Mariology: Theology

Roman Catholic Mariology deals with the life and role of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, as well as her veneration, throughout the ages, in theology, prayer, hymns, art, music, and architecture.

Mary in Magisterial Documents

Virginity and Immaculate Conception

Since the early church the theme of Mary's virginity has served as an important emblem of Christianity's ascetic ideal. The Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and some Protestant traditions teach the perpetual virginity of Mary, placing a nonliteral interpretation on New Testament references to Jesus' "brothers." The Roman Catholic Church additionally has proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception (declared in the bull Ineffabilis Deus of Pius IX, 1854), according to which Mary was conceived without original sin. The Roman Catholic Church further teaches that Mary was freed from actual sin by a special grace of God.

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Mary - Historic Theology

EWTN's Mary Page

Mary from the Islamic perspective

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is considered one of the most righteous women in the Islamic tradition. She is mentioned more in the Qu'ran   than in the entire New Testament. [from: Esposito, John. "What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam". New York: University Press, 2002. P31.]

The Qur’an refers to Mary by the following titles:

Qānitah - the Arabic term implies the meaning, not only of constant submission to Allah, but also absorption in prayer and invocation.

Siddiqah - "She who accepts as true" or "She who has faith". The term has also been translated "She who believes sincerely totally".

Sājidah - "She who prostrates to Allah in worship"

Rāki’ah - "She who bows down to Allah in worship"

Tāhirah - "She who was purified"

Mustafia - "She who was chosen"

Nur - Mary has been called Nur (Light) and Umm Nur (the mother of one who was Light)

Sa’imah - "She who fasts"

Ma'suma - "She who never sinned"

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