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Systematic Theology (Revelation, Tradition, and Doctrine): Finding Articles

Systematic theology undertakes the task of a comprehensive and synthetic understanding of the Christian faith as mediated through the Scriptures and the Catholic Tradition and as interpreted by Church Councils and Papal Magisterium.


Journals for Systematic Theology

Some good sources for articles addressing systematic theology and its facets are listed below. However, you will have better luck using a database like ATLA to your left which includes articles from MANY periodicals you search at one time.

Theology Journals


Periodicals subcribed to or titles where articles may be accessed via the library's databases: Click on hyperlink:

Religion - General (173)

Index Theologicus on the Web

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials Plus


Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly literature (journals) across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. It includes most peer-reviewed online journals. Use FIND IT@UST Libraries to get the full-text if not available in Google Scholar.

Google Scholar Search

Why use periodicals?

Periodicals are useful for three primary reasons:  they...

- provide a wealth of valuable information that is current and timely
- contain the latest discussions on a topic
- cover topics not yet published in book form

Periodicals are created for different audiences. Some are for general readers and others for scholars and researchers.

Although the terms periodical, journal, serial and magazine have slightly different definitions, you will likely hear them used interchangeably. These are works that come out on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, annually) and contain articles written by various authors.