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Church History (Patristic Era, Ecumenical Councils, the Papacy, and Saints): Keywords

The historical development of the Church...Within 400 years after Jesus' passion, Christianity developed from an illegal, persecuted, and underground religion into the sole, official, dominant faith of the Roman Empire.

LC Subject Headings

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·         Church history Primitive and early church, ca 30-600

·         Church history, 4th century

·         Church history, 6th century

·         Church history, 7th century

·         Church history Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Theology, Doctrinal History

·         Theology, Doctrinal History Early Church, 30-600

·         Theology, Doctrinal History, Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Fathers of the Church

·         Apostolic Fathers

·         Apologetics History Early Church, 30-600

·         Apologetics History Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Alexandrian School

·         Neoplatoism

·         Antochian School

·         Jesus Christ History of Doctrines Early Church, 30-600

·         Jesus Christ History of Doctrines Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Trinity History of Doctrines Early Church, 30-600

·         Trinity, History of Doctrines Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Councils and synods

·         Council of Nicaea (1st: 325)

·         Council of Constantinople

·         Monasticism and religious orders History

·         Monastic and religious life History

·         Council of Ephesus

·         Council of Chalcedon

·         Photius I, Saint Patriarch of Constantinople, c. 820-ca. 891

·         Schism Eastern and Western Church

·         Schism, The Great Western, 1378-1417