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Financial Crisis Research: Getting Started

Sources on the 2007-2010 global financial crisis


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Use this guide to find appropriate sources for your research paper.

Other Econ Research Guides

Research Paper: Literature Review, Data Sources

This is a guide to sources on the 2007-2010 financial crises: exploring causes, comparing similar events in history, determining implications and policy responses, exploring international aspects.

You may be asked to write a "Literature Review," using scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles to get the views of academic economists or other professionals on the subject.  You might also need to find quantitative data sources to support arguments you make in support of your thesis.  Use the tabs above in this guide to find helpful sources and suggestions on how to use them.

I would be very happy to meet with you on an individual or group basis to help you with search strategies on your specific topic: just use my contact information here to contact me for an appointment. 

Background Sources

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