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Operations and Supply Chain Management: Getting Started

This guide will point you to a variety of useful resources for research in operations management and statistics

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Why use this guide?

Researching a company’s supply chain procedure is not as easy as finding other company information about a company so do not expect to find one document that will lay out the information you need.  In order to piece together a company’s supply chain operation be prepared to look through articles, industry reports and financial data to get the big picture view of these operations.


Use the tabs to navigate through the guide.

Country Profiles and Economics - The reports from the resources on this list feature information about the cultural, social and economic conditions of a country along with the business climate.  When looking at other countries it is important to assess these other aspects in order to get a more comprehensive view of that country.

Company and Industry profiles and financials - Reports in this guide provide more detailed information about current company and industry conditions including detailed financial information

Finding Technology articles and reports - While there will be excellent technology articles in business article databases, there are other databases that cover more of the technology publications which will analyze your topic from that perspective and complement what you find in the business articles. 

Finding Business articles - These are full text business article databases that contain scholarly and current news events regarding company and industry information.


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