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*Datasets & Statistics Guide: U.S. Economic Data

This guide is UST Libraries primary resource for tips on locating statistics for general use and for support of the economics & business courses. Useful for all disciplines, but also for Econ 311 & Econ 315.

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Primary Economic Data: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is one of the three primary U.S. economic data providers. The links below illustrate the major types of data available.

Banking Data

Tax Data

Primary U.S. Economic Indicators

Primary Economic Data: Census Bureau

Primary Economic Data: Bureau of Economic Analysis

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is a primary provider of economic data, including official estimates of GDP, personal income, trade deficits, home of the National Income & Product Accounts, and publisher of the Survey of Current Business.

Federal Budget Info

About Economic Indicators

Other U.S. Economic Indicators

Other Sources