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International Business Law: Country Information

This guide presents an overview of resources for conducting international business and legal research in BLAW 615 and BLAW 303


Use these resources when you look for background information about a country.  Remember that relevant country information is not just state or economic data, but it can also includes demographic, cultural and historical information.  All of these factors can come into play when deciding if a country is receptive to a foreign country or a new product.

Library Databases

Use these resources when you look for background information about a country that you want to do business with.  Remember that relavant country information is not just government and economic data, but also includes demographic information, culture, and history.  All of these factors come into play when decided whether or not a country will be receptive to a foreign company or a new product.

Quality country information from the web

While library databases contain fantastic business and country information, there are quality sources on the free web that have been established by government agencies and universities which you can use with confidence.