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Passport: Consumers

A guide on how to use Passport from Euromonitor.


Passport provides information on consumer trends or preferences, demographics, income & expenditure, and lifestyles.

  • Click on Consumers from the top navigation, then select one of the categories provided.

    Consumers tab, with subcategories
  • You can narrow/refine your search to Statistics or Analysis, with separate options for Briefings, Country Reports, Media, and more (you may need to reselect your category to be able to select a country.)
  • Hit "Go" to run the search.

    Sample search: consumer lifestyles in Denmark

For example, a report on Consumer Lifestyles in Denmark:

Sample report: Consumer Lifestyles in Denmark

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In a report, check the "More Related Items" link to look at more focused reports including Business Dynamics, Consumer Lifestyles, Income and Expenditure, and more.

Check the More Related Items link for additional reports