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Passport: Industries

A guide on how to use Passport from Euromonitor.

Industry Reports

On the Industries page, you can search by topic for reports and analysis on industries and sub-industries for individual countries, world regions, or worldwide. Under the Industries tab, select the industry you’re looking for.

Industry topics


Each industry topic has its own home page, where you can refine your search by statistics, analysis, country, and more.


Use the Country Reports box to look at industry information for a particular country. Chose the country from the drop-down menu.

Industry: Country Reports box


For example, a report on Fruits in Morocco.

Industry report: Fruits in Morocco




Industrial Reports

Industrial reports (examples: energy, hairdressing, medical and surgical equipment, pharmaceuticals, mobile phones) are available under the "Economies" tab. Use the Analysis Quick Links box to choose a category.

Industrial reports menu

Or you can find them using keyword searching.


Industrial reports through keyword searching


For example, a report on Medical and Surgical Equipment in India:


Medical and Surgical Equipment in India report


Industry data

Not every industry will have the same level of data. This will vary. Broad industries (for example, Apparel and Footwear) will contain more data than narrower industries (such as Sportswear.)

Passport defines its industries according to the UN's ISIC rev. 3.1.

Related Reports

In a report, check the "More Related Items" link to look at more focused reports including Business Dynamics, Consumer Lifestyles, Income and Expenditure, and more.

Check the More Related Items link for additional reports