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Research Data Management: National Institutes of Health

Information for researchers on data management.

National Institutes of Health


  • Currently, all proposals over $500,000, as well as a number of NIH programs and program policies, require a data sharing plan in the grant application. The NIH public access plan states that additional policies, including data management plan (DMP) requirements, were scheduled to be issued by the end of 2015.
  • Scope: Digital Scientific Data, i.e. “the digital recorded factual material commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings” 
  • Time frame for sharing: No later than the acceptance for publication of the main findings from the final dataset, however the NIH recognizes that the specific time will be influenced by the nature of the data collected.
  • Designated repository: None specified by the NIH data sharing policy, however a number of programs and center data sharing policies do specify repositories. 


  • The NIH Data sharing policy went into effect in 2003; additional policies are expected by the end of 2015 or soon thereafter.

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