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Research Data Management: National Science Foundation

Information for researchers on data management.

National Science Foundation


  • A data management plan (DMP) or data sharing plan is required with the grant proposal. The DMP will be reviewed as part of the proposal evaluation process, considered under Intellectual Merit or Broader Impacts or both (see criteria described in the Grant Proposal Guide III.A.2).
  • Scope: digitally formatted scientific data resulting from unclassified research; exceptions are described in Section 3.2.1 of the NSF Public Access Plan.
  • Time frame for sharing: Will vary by research community and should be discussed in the DMP at time of proposal submission.
  • Designated repository: There is currently no designated NSF repository for data. Researchers should discuss their plan for preservation of access to data resulting from the project in their DMP.


  • Data management plans are currently required for all NSF proposals. Additional public access initiatives will be implemented incrementally.

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