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Tax Law

An Overview On the Joys of Federal Taxation

Latest and Greatest - Current Tax Stuff

The Treasury Dept. has a nice 'Tax Policy' page, which gives the latest in tax-goings-on.  

It includes links to:

  • Revenue proposals
  • Tax expenditures
  • International tax
  • Office of Tax Analysis (OTA) Technical Papers
  • OTA Working Papers
  • Office of Tax Policy Reports
  • Foreign Account Tax 
  • Compliance Tax
  • Other international documents
  • Tax analysis
  • Tax regulatory reform
  • Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs)
  • Treaties

How Does the Federal Gov't Use Our Taxes????


FiscalData.Treasury.Gov answers that question!  It's a deep dive into the Treasury Department's weeds.


Some of the FiscalData.Treasury.Gov's datasets include:

  • Daily Treasury Statement (DTS), which provides data on the daily cash and debt operations of the US Treasury, including cash balance, deposits, and withdrawals; tax deposits and refunds; and debt transactions.
  • Historical Qualified Tax Credit Bond Interest Rates
  • US Government Revenue Collections
    • And so, so, so, many more spreadsheets.



A broader open data source of government spending than FiscalData.Treasury.Gov.  It has lots of interesting stuff about COVID-19 spending information, which is pretty neat.