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First-Year Experience Library Guide: Welcome to the Library!

The University of St. Thomas Library Guide for the FYE 100 courses

Welcome to your first-year experience library guide

Welcome to the St. Thomas Libraries!

This guide was created to accompany the First-Year Experience Co-curricular course.  It has a collection of resources and research strategies created to help you now, and throughout your time at St. Thomas.  You can always get back to this guide by searching our research guides for "first-year experience"

photo of Tommie checking out a book from the libraryTop six ways the libraries can help you!

  1. Eventslike Therapy Pets, Study Night, and more, happening in the library throughout the year

  2. Spaces: for groups and individuals to meet and work on projects

  3. Stacksthe coffee shop on the main floor of O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library to give you the fuel you need to study

  4. Research Guideslike this one! Customized by librarians to topics and classes, the guides give you the best bets to get you started on your research

  5. Access to a huge collection of books, videos, journals, magazines, and moreIncluding fun books, videos and magazines to read when you need break!

  6. ...and the number 1 way the library can help you is ... Advice and help:
    at any point in the research process, no matter what topic: Ask a librarian - in person, online, through text - we love to help!

Visit us in person or through our website!

Top 5 places on the Library's Website

illustration of a computer monitor with the library's website. Text reads

Top 5 places on the library's website

The University of St. Thomas Libraries have a great collection of resources chosen to provide you with reliable information and services to help you make the most out of them.  We link to information about all of our collections and services from our website, but that can get overwhelming.

Click the arrows on the right and left of the images to navigate through our top 5 places or use the dots below.

1: Research & Course guides - screen shot of libraries' webpage with

1: Research & Course guides

The subject librarians create guides for every subject taught at St. Thomas.  They also make guides for many of our courses and guides around different topics and current events.  These guides will point you to the best starting places for your research and will give you expert advice on how to use them. 

Make sure to take a look at our community and how-to guides for other topics like how to cite your sources or information resources for voting and civic engagement

2: ask a librarian - screen shot of library's website with

2: Ask a Librarian

It happens to all of us, sometimes you're using the library and just need to ask a quick question. Well, fear not! We have many ways to help you.  Use the Chatbox that is always in the lower-left corner of our website.  Chats are answered 24/7 by a librarian. If our librarians aren't working when you are, a librarian from another university will be online to answer the chat.  If chat isn't your thing, click Ask a Librarian in the upper left corner to send your question in via our Ask a Librarian form, call us, or check our reference desk hours, when you can come in and talk with a Peer Research Assistant or librarian in person.

3: subject librarians - screenshot of library website with the About menu open and

3: Subject Librarians

Subject Librarians are experts on the information resources in a particular subject, and we're here to help you make the best use of those resources!  We can work with you at any stage of your research process: from defining your topic to finding and evaluating sources to citing them correctly.

Want to find out who your librarian is for a specific course? Click "Subject Librarians" under the About menu.  Your subject librarian is happy to meet with you the help with any research questions you have in their area.  You can make an appointment online or send them an email.

#4: Library hours - screen shot of library website with hours highlighted

4: Library Hours

Our libraries are open late so you can come to study and use our resources when it fits in your schedule. Each library has different hours and our hours change depending on the day, so we've made it easy by listing today's hours on the right side of our website.  Click on "Full Calendar of Hours" to see our hours on any particular day.

#5: LibrarySearch - screen shot of library website with LibrarySearch box highlighted

5: LibrarySearch

#5: LibrarySearch

LibrarySearch is the libraries' online search tool.  Using LibrarySearch, you can find: books and ebooks; dvds and streaming video; articles in journals and magazines; images; reference sources; datasets; ...and more

Check out our LibrarySearch guide if you want to learn more about how to use LibrarySearch.  Or, ask a librarian!