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Poetry on the Patio: Introduction

“We looked upon the present with delight And doubted not the future would be kinder And never knew the loneliness of night.” - from Nothing is Lost by Noel Coward

Popular Poets

Maya Angelou


Robert Frost

Robert Frost






Billy Collins





Langston Hughes



About Poetry on the Patio at the University of St. Thomas

Poetry on the Patio is a noon-hour event that has been held each April since 1999 in celebration of National Poetry Month.  In each of the 20 years that this event has been held, members of the St. Thomas community from all areas  - staff, administrators, students, faculty - are invited to read a poem or two that they love.  This has been a very popular event and provided a chance to share a love of poetry with friends and co-workers, while learning a little more about the people who work alongside us day to day. 

As you make your way through the yearly events by choosing the tabs at the top of the page, you'll find a video of the poetry reading for that year and the program listing the readers, poems they read, and authors.   If you were a reader and see that information about your poem is missing, please let us know because we would like this site to be as complete and accurate as possible.*  
Thank you for visiting and we hope you will enjoy reliving Poetry on the Patio throughout the years.  

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What is special about today?

Links to a few great sites for lovers of poetry

Popular Poets

              Nikki Giovanni


T. S. Eliot    

             T. S. Eliot



              Naomi Shihab Nye