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UST Library Week 2020: Library Week Bingo

This is a guide that highlights local UST events celebrating National Library Week


Playing is easy! Our bingo card has a variety of library-related activities. Click on the text of any square to learn more about the activity and give it a try.  Get a bingo by trying all the activities in one line: vertically, horizontally, or diagonally; or by trying the activities in the four corners.

Have a bingo? Yay!! Click here to let us know and we'll enter your name in a drawing for prizes at the end of Library Week.


Bingo card - Click on the text of any square to learn more about that activity. 

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Chat with a Librarian

Watch one of the highlighted films in our Music and Media Week

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Learn about the Power of Sleep. 4/7/21 at noon on Zoom

Install the LibKey Nomad extension on Chrome to get easy access to articles online

Color images from Special Collections

Learn more about the impact of libraries


Use LibrarySearch to find an article online

Take a virtual walking tour of historic University of St. Thomas.

Free Space (image)

Text a Librarian
(651) 504-1324 

Use Flipster to read magazines online

Explore our Guide on Career and employment resources

Complete one of our Archives' Puzzles

Answer one of our daily trivia questions

Volunteer to read a poem for our poetry event

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Listen to music with one of our online streaming music databases

Catch up on local, national, and international news

Suggest an idea for a future library event

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Have a bingo! Click here to let us know and we'll enter you in a drawing for prizes!