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SOCI 100 - Introduction to Sociology: Articles

Resources for research for the online course by Jackie Austin

Finding Search Terms

Use your book and overview article to find terms and topics:

In the search shown on the Overview and Encyclopedias page, I found an article on MIgrant Health. Click on the link below and see how I found words that I can use in my search. Here are the first 2 pages with new search terms circled:

Then I organized the words into groups by similarity or synonyms. (Migrant or immigrant).

sociological situation
migrants "respiratory disease" agricultural
hispanic OR latino "lung disease" "industrialized nation"
farmworkers allergies OR allergens "disease awareness"

To search in SocIndex and Academic Search Premier (links below), choose one word from each box and put AND between them. You'll get articles that are about all three. Play with mixing the terms up with each other until you get a good search: (Notice if words are redundant: farmworkers and agriculture -- you probably don't need both).

farmworkers AND "respiratory illness" 

immigrants AND allergies

There seems to be protective factors for newly arrived immigrants that are lost in subsequent generations. Why might this be true?

Do the same thing with your overview article. Then search in SocINDEX and Academic Search Premier. 

Sociology Databases

These databases are the ones you should use to start your search for research articles.

LibrarySearch - Audio search

Search Journal Titles

Find journals and newspapers subscribed to by St. Thomas. Enter all or the beginning of the title (e.g., New York Times or Harvard).

Translating Your Question into Database Language

Subject: Database's vocabulary (different for each database)

Keyword: Your vocabulary

LImiters: Special to each database ("Age Group" below)

How questions are translated into database language using keywords, subject terms, and special limiters

Databases use a grammar of AND, OR, AND NOT -- a language of mathematics. No prepositions, verbs, determiners, affixes  -- anything you learned in English or human language classes.