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+Psychology (Graduate): Tests & Measures

Research in professional psychology.

Search for Tests by Name

If you are looking for a specific test and know the name of that test, here are some ways to find it: 

  • Check for the test in PsycInfo, which is a database that includes empirical articles. These articles may contain the full instrumentation tool developed for research 
  • Consult the database Mental Measures Yearbook, which contains over 2,000 contemporary testing instruments and reviews of tests written by experts 
  • Check for the name of the test in ERIC, an education database, which may contain the full or partial test
  • Some tests are available on the internet, so try Google or Google Books 
  • Check a dissertation for the full or partial test by consulting the database Dissertations and Theses
  • Try the guide called Tests and Measures in Social Sciences - developed by the University of Texas at Arlington. This guide indexes tests that appear in books and also includes tests outside of the social sciences. 

More Information on Tests

Finding a Test by Topic

When trying to find a test or measurement that meets the needs of your proposal, try these options: 

  • Find an article or research study that is similar to your proposal that uses or describes a test. Then, identify the title of the test and look at the "Finding Tests by Name" box on this page. 
  • In some databases, its helpful to search for the concept of the test you are looking for. Here are some terms that may help you in your search: 
    • test*
    • measure*
    • survey*
    • questionnaire*
    • scale*
    • batter*
    • inventor*
    • checklist*
    • instrument*
    • pretest* 
    • posttest*
  • Consult a reference work that describes tests organized by topic. For example, the Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences page provides tables of contents from books containing tests and instruments. Once you locate a test that seems relevant, find the book a the library or order it through interlibrary loan. 

Ethical Use of Tests