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Ebooks: FAQ

Ebooks at UST


How do I find an ebook?

You're going to find ebooks wherever you do research.  They can be found in LibrarySearch. More

Can I check-out an ebook?

It depends. Some ebooks you can checkout when you download them. You will be told how long the checkout lasts and the book will disappear from your device when it's due. However, clicking the link is all you need to access the book 24/7 through a browser.  Saving an ebook to your account (bookshelf) is usually a good idea if you think you're going to use it again.  Having an ebook in your account (on your bookshelf) doesn't mean it's checked out to you.  It just means it's easily accessible.  If you download the ebook to a personal device, however, this can be considered a checkout. After the checkout period expires (usually 1-7 days, depending on the hosting service), the book will automatically be rendered unusable.

How do I check-in an ebook?

In most cases, you can't return an ebook early if you are done using it before the checkout period expires. If you have downloaded it, it will stay on your device for the full amount of time (usually 1-7 days, depending on the hosting service).  After that alotted time it will simply disappear, or be rendered unusable.  If the book is limited to a single user at a time, then that book will show as in use for the entire checkout period.

If you are allowed to return an ebook early, there will be a clearly visible “Return Borrowed Item” button.

Can I download this ebook to my personal computer or ereader?

It depends. Most ebooks are offered as either PDFs or Epubs, or in some cases, both formats in which case, all are downloadable. All St. Thomas ebooks can be read in a browser. To see if an individual title is downloadable to your personal device, look for DOWNLOAD as an option once you are in the book or use the HELP in the ebook’s hosting service.

Can I print this ebook?

It depends. Sometimes sections or chapters from ebooks can be printed, but you can never print an entire ebook. How many pages you can print from a title varies from publisher to publisher. To see limits on printing for an individual title, use the HELP in the hosting service. Otherwise, start printing and see how far you get! The range is usually from 1 to 60 pages per day.

I found an ebook but don’t have time to read it now. I can’t download or print it, so how can I save it for later?

Some hosting sites may offer free personal accounts that you can register for to be able to save searches or virtual bookshelves. Another option is to use RefWorks to quickly store and link to all your research to review at a later date.


The ebook I want says it's in use. What does that mean?

Sometime a publisher will limit the number of people who are allowed to use or download an ebook at one time, and that limit has been reached. You may be asked to join a queue so that you may be notified by email when the ebook comes available.

Note: We make every effort to buy ebooks at an unlimited simultaneous user level, however, sometimes this cannot be avoided.

How do I know how many simultaneous users are allowed by an ebook?

LibrarySearch often indicates the number of uses, if limited, for an ebook. Otherwise, the ebook itself will note restrictions.

How do I create an ebook account?

When you're looking at an ebook, whether its in Ebsco eBooks or Ebook Central, you should see a "sign in" or "create an account" in the top, right corner of the browser. You will have to create separate accounts for each of these ebook hosting services. Use the HELP button in Ebsco eBooks or Ebook Central or any other hosting service for more assistance.

Is this print title available as an ebook?

Not all print books are available in digital format.  Check LibrarySearch to see if UST has a digital copy.

What is Adobe Digital Editions and how do I get it?

Adobe Digital Editions is a free download needed, in most cases, to download ebooks to your personal computer. For additional help, see Adobe’s support.

How do I download ebooks from other libraries?

Sadly, you can't. We share the LibrarySearch catalog with the other ACTC schools, but we can't share ebooks.  The publishers will not allow sharing, including interlibrary loan.

How do I cite an ebook?

APA Style: check the APA Style Blog for more specific information.

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  • Ladd, P. (2003). Understanding Deaf culture: In search of deafhood. Retrieved from

MLA Style: Check SWOSU Libraries for more information:
          In MLA style, don't include http//: in the URL.

  • Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Publisher, Publication Date. Database, (URL, DOI or permalink). 
  • Oland, Maxine, et al., editors. Decolonizing Indigenous Histories: Exploring Prehistoric/Colonial Transitions in Archaeology. University of Arizona Press, 2012. JSTOR,

Chicago Style: Check Purdue OWL for more information

  • Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication. URL or DOI
  • Wergland, Glendyne R. One Shaker Life: Isaac Newton Youngs, 1793-1865. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2006.