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Digital News: New York Times


File:NewYorkTimes.svg - Wikimedia Commons


You can access The New York Times for free by visiting the site via the link below. 

  • Please note: If you have a current personal subscription to The New York Times, you will need to cancel that subscription before you can add the subscription provided by St Thomas.

Click on the “Create  Account”  bar to set up an individual account using your St Thomas email and any password. After your individual account is created, you can go directly to the New York Times  ( without going through our account and sign in with your new account.


The New York Times has lesson plans and other resources for using the Times for classroom and homework exercises. (

Before wandering around the site, Register in the upper right hand corner of the page.

This is a separate account from your New York Times account.

Click on Register for New York Times's Ineducation site