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Company Information: Corporate Social Responsibility

A guide for researching U.S. and global companies, including company profiles, company history, SWOT analysis, and corporate social responsibility.

Starting Points

These are basic resources for locating articles, company, and industry information. Each one contains information on business ethics topics.

Background information

These items lead you to background information on ethics and related topics.

Common Search Terms

Try these search terms/phrases in library resources. You can combine them with company names; for example, 'target and social responsibility.'

  • Ethics or "business ethics"
  • "Corporate culture"
  • Mission
  • "Social responsibility" or CSR
  • Transparency


Company Websites

Another useful way to find company information is direct from the company website. Look for links to areas such as annual reports, shareholder information, investor's sections, latest announcements, latest media releases, corporate responsibility, sustainability, about us, etc.


Companies ranked by various CSR factors. Review the methodology of each list to better understand the company rankings.

Company CSR Reports

Regulatory Violators