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Econ 335: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets: Finding Data & Other web resources

A guide to useful sources in money & banking

Finding Data

crystal ballYour assignment calls for you to use quantitative data to support your arguments.  You can trace the original data sources used by articles in your literature review, or find your own data.  This page has some helpful sources.

Finding statistical data can be complex, so don't hesitate to call me for help.

Banking Data

Congressional Research Service reports

Questions to Ask in Your Search for Data & Statistics

There are many things to consider as you seek data or statistical information: frequency, geography, topical area, etc.  Download the linked worksheet for some guidance.

See Also: 

Key Economic Data Sources

International Data

Need More Data?

Go to this guide for many more statistical data resources:

Other Financial Crisis Sources

Other Resources

These guides are from other universities.  You may hit a pay wall while exploring some of their resources: check with me to see if we have access to that content.