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Choosing a Research Paper Topic

Law Review Databases

The following databases allow you to search for law review articles:




Hot Topics Databases

Westlaw Topical Highlights databases:  Westlaw Edge > Secondary Sources > Under "Tools & Resources" on the right, select "Westlaw Bulletins and Topical Highlights". Under the "Westlaw Bulletins" section, Westlaw Bulletin and U.S. Supreme Court are especially useful.

LexisNexis Law360: Lexis Plus > Legal News Hub.

Legal News on Westlaw and LexisNexis

Legal & Nonlegal Newspapers

Industry & Trade Newspapers

  • Many included in Bloomberg's databases (see below).
  • Westlaw - Business & Trade News by Industry database

Bloomberg's Law Reviews and Journals

Bloomberg Law’s Law Review and Journals 

Provides resources for:

  • Finding a Topic
  • Digging Deeper
  • Keeping Current
  • Staying Organized

Litigation Reports

Mealey’s Litigation Reports

  • Available on LexisNexis:  Lexis Advance > Legal News > Mealey’s

Andrew’s Litigation Reports

  • Available on Westlaw:  Westlaw Edge > Secondary Sources > Legal Newspapers and Newsletters > Under left side Topic menu, select "Litigation"

Foreign & Comparative Law