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PSYC302 -- Personality Theories: Background Info

Application of research in personality to everyday life.


Articles chop up your topic into little, narrow questions. If you find 5 articles, each presenting a narrow study, it's often hard to see how they fit together and what question they are all trying to answer. But encyclopedias and handbooks

  • Give you overviews of your topic
  • Lead you to the important questions asked by researchers.
  • Contain articles written by experts in their fields.
  • Put your idea or question into a historical, research, or social context.
  • Lead you to further references.

Annual Reviews on Personality

Annual Reviews have great overviews, long literature reviews, on general topics in psychology and clinical psychology.

  • Find new topics.
  • Get great references.
  • See what the field is interested in.
  • See where gaps are in the research.

Want to find overviews in personality? Here's my blog post on searching in Annual Reviews.

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