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Positive Psychology: Background Info

Guide to resources on positive, strength, hope, and spiritual-based psychology


Articles chop up your topic into little, narrow questions. If you find 5 articles, each presenting a narrow study, it's often hard to see how they fit together and what question they are all trying to answer. But encyclopedias and handbooks

  • Give you overviews of your topic
  • Lead you to the important questions asked by researchers.
  • Contain articles written by experts in their fields.
  • Put your idea or question into a historical, research, or social context.
  • Lead you to further references.

Annual Reviews in Clincial Psychology

Great overviews of current issues in clinical psychology (also see Annual Reviews in Psychology).

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Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness is Martin Seligmann's website for Positive Psychology. Sign up to review and take tests as part of his research on users' satisfaction with life and ways of enhancing their life. Includes tons of information and research on positive psychology.

Featured Encyclopedias

Analytical Overviews of Positive Psychology -- Pros and Cons

Review Articles on Positive Psychology

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