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UST Library Week 2020: Trivia Contest

This is a guide that highlights local UST events celebrating National Library Week




Daily Library Week Trivia Contest

Welcome to the World Famous UST Libraries daily trivia contest!

Greetings! The original theme for National Library Week 2020 was “Find Your Place at the Library!” Due to current pandemic restrictions, this has been unofficially changed to “Find the Library at Your Place!” UST Libraries are still available to assist you via online services, more information on our website. But the show must go on, and UST Libraries online National Library Week Trivia Contest is here for your enjoyment. There will still be one trivia question posted per day this week and one winner will be selected from the pool of correct answers to receive a valuable prize. Stay healthy, stay home and good luck – thanks for playing UST Libraries National Library Week Trivia!



Question for Friday, April 24th

Wrapping up UST Libraries National Library Week Trivia for 2020 – thanks for playing! This has been a most unusual semester for everyone at St. Thomas. Will things ever be the same as before? Only time will tell - until then, be excellent to each other! Today’s trivia question: In the 1989 film, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, what is the title of the fictional reference book (Motto: “History at your Fingertips”) that Bill & Ted use to find their next time travel location?

Today's answer: Circuits of Time Directory

Tonight's winner: Tim Owen  


Question for Thursday, April 23rd

It’s National Library Week and UST Libraries are still alive and available to assist you: Today’s trivia question: One of the first “Zombie” writings to become popular was H.P. Lovecraft’s 1921 serialized short story Herbert West – Reanimator. The narrator of this story is a medical student who is fascinated by the teachings of the title character. What is the name of the fictional New England school where this grisly tale unfolds?

Today's answer:  Miskatonic University

Tonight's winner:  Susan Anderson-Benson   Congratulations Susan!!


Question for Wednesday, April 22nd

In addition to National Library Week , today is Earth Day 2020! Here is today’s question: The author of an influential book had worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service before becoming a writer. This book, published in 1962, accused the chemical industry of spreading disinformation and public officials of accepting the industry’s marketing claims unquestioningly. What is the name of this environmental science book that is often credited with advancing the global environmental movement and whose legacy was designated a National Historic Chemical Landmark in 2012?

Today's answer: Silent Spring

Tonight's winner: Matthew Wilder  Congratulations Mathew!!


Question for Tuesday, April 21

It’s National Library Week – “Find the Library at Your Place!”  Today’s trivia question:  She stayed socially distant in her mansion her entire adult life, not because of a pandemic, instead she had great expectations of getting married and was jilted at the altar.  What is the name of this eccentric and heartbroken literary character who forever wore her wedding dress, left her wedding cake uneaten on the table and left all the clocks in Satis House set at twenty minutes to nine, the exact time she realized that she had been left at the altar?

Today's correct answer:  Miss Havisham

Tonight's winner:  Laure Holloway  Congratulations Laure!


Question for Monday, April 20th


Q:  Thanks for playing National Library Week Trivia – “Find the Library at Your Place!” Here is the today’s question in this unforgettable year.  We all miss being on campus for classes and social activities and hopefully someday we will resume normal university life.  Of course we remember all the buildings on the St. Paul campus named for Ignatius Aloysius O’Shaughnessy, including the north campus library.  I.A. was certainly one of St. Thomas’ most famous graduates and benefactors, having made a sizable fortune in the oil business.  What is not commonly known is that Mr. O was a one-time part-owner of a major league baseball team.  Which major league baseball team did I.A. O’Shaughnessy own a piece of in the 1950’s?

Today's baseball team answer:  The Cleveland Indians.

Tonight's winning answer: Veronica Freund    Congratulations!


The Drew Carey Show - Cleveland Rocks -FULL- Theme on Make a GIF