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Eucharist: Keywords

An overview of contemporary Catholic theology concerning the mystery of the Eucharist. The importance of biblical, patristic and liturgical studies is addressed.


Keywords & Subjects

Eucharist – sacrament



Eucharistic Prayer



Holy Grail

Corinthians, Epistles to the,

Eucharistic liturgy,

Eschatology, in the Bible, of the Eucharist,

Eucharist in the Bible, eschatology,origin of the term, as sacrament, unity,

Eucharistic liturgy, St. Basil

Forgiveness of sins,


Eucharist,John, Gospel According to,

Eucharistic doctrine,


New Testament Books, Eucharist

Passover, feast of,

Eucharistic traditions,

Qumran community,

Sacred meals,

Suffering Servant, Songs of the, in the Eurcharist




Anaphora of Addai and Mari,

Anaphora of Basil,

Anaphora of John Chrysostom,

Anaphoras, eucharistic liturgy,

Balthasar, Hans Urs von,eucharistic theology,

Bonaventure, St.,eucharistic sacrifice,

Breviloquium (Bonaventure),

Calvin, John,Lord's Supper,

Catechism of the Catholic Church,

Communion, Justin Martyr on the Eucharist,

Communion service, Duns Scotus, John, Bl., Eucharist,Ecclesiology, sacramental,


Christ's memorial command,


Eucharist as sacrifice

Eucharist in contemporary Catholic tradition

Eucharist in the West

Eucharistic liturgy Basil, St., reforms and revisions,

The Eucharistic Mystery (Power),

Eucharistic prayers,

Florence, Councils of (1431-45), Eucharistic controversy,

Institutes of Calvin, Eucharist,

Koinonia (communion)

The Last Communion

Last Supper reconstruction of,

Lateran Councils, fourth (1215),

Lord's Supper, scriptural basis,

Miracle of the Host

Miracles, Christ feeding the five thousand

Peter Lombard (Bp. of Paris), Eucharist,

Prayer, Eucharistic prayers,

Rahner, Karl, Eucharistic theology,

Body and Blood of Christ

Scholasticism, Eucharist,

Summa theologiae (Aquinas), Eucharist,

Thomas Aquinas, St.

Treatise on the New Testament, That Is, the Holy Mass (Luther),

Trent, Councils of (1543-63),

Eucharistic controversy,

Vatican Council II (1962-65),

Eucharistic sacrifice,


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Keywords for the Order of the Mass in the Roman Rite

Forms Pre-Tridentine Mass · Tridentine Mass (extraordinary form) · Mass of Paul VI Types

Missa Cantata · Coronation Mass · Chapter and Conventual Mass · High Mass · Low Mass · Nuptial Mass · Papal Mass ·

Pontifical High Mass  Red Mass · Requiem Mass · Missa sine populo · Votive Mass

Introductory rites Vesting prayers · asperges · Introit · Penitential Rite / confiteor · Kyrie · Gloria · collect · Dominus Vobiscum · oremus Liturgy of the Word

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general intercessions · offertory · Orate fratres · secret prayer

Liturgy of the Eucharist

Eucharistic Prayer · Canon of the Mass (texts & rubrics / history) · Preface (Sursum corda / Sanctus / Hosanna) ·

Words of Institution (Transubstantiation) · Elevation · Memorial Acclamation / Mysterium fidei · Epiclesis · Lord's Prayer ·

Embolism · Doxology · Sign of peace / Pax · Agnus Dei · Fraction · Holy Communion · Communion (chant) · Ablutions ·

Postcommunion (Thanksgiving) · Dismissal (Ite missa est / Benedicamus Domino) · Last Gospel


Acolyte · altar server (female) · bishop · boat boy · cantor · choir · crucifer · deacon · Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion  ·

laity (Eucharistic Congress) · lector · priest · subdeacon · usher


Alb · ambo · altar · altar bell · altar candle · altar candlestick · altar crucifix · altar rails · aspergillum · ciborium · collectarium ·

collection basket · corporal · chalice · chasuble · Credence table · cruet · dalmatic · episcopal sandals · evangeliary · flabellum ·

funghellino · headcover · holy water · humeral veil · incense (use) · kneeler · lavabo · lectionary (revised) · liturgical book · mantilla ·

manuterge · misericord · music · pall · pallium · Paschal candle · paten · piscina · processional cross · pyx · Roman Missal ·

Roman Pontifical · sacramental bread (wafer) · sacramental wine (or mustum) · sacramentary · sanctuary lamp · stole · surplice ·

tabernacle · thurible · triple candlestick · tunicle · vestment (pontifical) · votive candle · vimpa · water

Concepts and actions

Antiphon · Blood of Christ · Body of Christ · church etiquette · closed communion · commemoration ·

Communion and the developmentally disabled · Communion under both kinds · Crucifixion of Jesus (atonement) ·

ecclesiastical Latin · Eucharistic discipline · Eucharistic fast · First Communion · General Instruction of the Roman Missal ·

genuflection · grace (ex opere operato) · Host desecration · infant communion · In persona Christi · intercession of saints ·

intinction · Koinonia · the Last Supper · liturgical colours · liturgical year (proper) · Melchizedek priesthood · Order of Mass ·

prayer (effects of prayer) · Ordines Romani · Real Presence · reserved sacrament · responsory · Sign of the Cross ·

Sunday (Lord's Day) · viaticum


Agape feast · benediction of the Blessed Sacrament · Catholic liturgy · Congregation for Divine Worship

and the Discipline of the Sacraments ·Council of Trent · church music (Mass) · Corpus Christi (feast) ·

Ecclesia de Eucharistia · Epiousios · Eucharistic adoration ·Eucharistic miracle · Eucharistic theology ·

Fourth Council of the Lateran · historical roots of Catholic Eucharistic theology ·Holy Day of Obligation ·

Liturgical Movement · Missale Romanum · Mysterium Fidei (encyclical) · origin of the Eucharist ·

Pope Pius XII Liturgy Reforms · Pro multis · Quo Primum · Roman Catholic theology · Sacraments

of the Catholic Church ·sacristy · Summorum Pontificum · traditionalist Catholic · Tra le sollecitudini ·

Vatican II (Sacrosanctum Concilium) ·Year of the Eucharist